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Top Tips for Choosing a Jewelry Cleaner

From jewelry you wear every day to work to those you only touch on special occasions, those pieces will benefit from a good clean and shine every once in a while. Countless things to make them look all clogged up and ugly! From soap to perfume to dust and dirt – the list is endless, and often, it’s when you’re about to wear those pieces that you notice the problem. Frustrating but that’s exactly why you need to be proactive when it comes to caring for your jewelry.

The good news is, you can do that right at home, and it’s so much easier than you thought – of course, with the right jewelry cleaners. Clearly, what’ suitable for a piece depends on what material or materials were used to make it. Take note that with the wrong product, you can end up totally damaging your jewelry, so be extremely cautious with this step. If you own different types of jewelry, you will naturally need different types of cleaners.

So how do you begin choosing a cleaner for those precious pieces? First three considerations include the metal, stone and the jewelry itself. Gold and diamond are so versatile that you can use practically any commercial jewelry cleaner on them. But take note that sterling silver and pearl will need something made especially for them. At the core of this I the chemical or chemicals that compose the jewelry cleaners. Maybe you don’t want any chemicals even. The second good news is, harsh or scratchy chemicals are not needed to clean most types of jewelry. You can also use special cloths for more meticulous blings.

Another good jewelry-cleaning solution is made of ammonia and water, which work great for metals but most especially for diamonds. You can usually buy these products on the Internet, but if you’re not so sure, ask for your jeweler’s help. They should know.

For gold and platinum pieces, your best option is an ultrasonic cleaner. Small and compact, these machines are a perfect fit for your kitchen countertop. They work by cleaning metals and certain types of stones and give off a high-frequency sound. Watch out though! – ultrasonic cleaners can actually ruin pearls, colored gemstones and certain other types of jewelry.

There are evidently many choices you can pick from when looking for the right cleaner for your jewelry. But again, be extra careful when deciding to use a particular product on a particular piece. Lastly, for your own protection, take time to research reliable brands and suppliers before actually placing an order.

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